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Dog hotel

Don’t know what to do with your sweetheart when you go on holiday? Leave it to us! We sit dogs in a home-like environment exactly as they are used to it;) We have experience with dogs who are very emotionally attached to their owners and you do not have to worry that the dog would be with unhappy us, we know well that the path to success is through popular dog treats and a rich program ;)

Dog kindergarten

The dog kindergarten is very popular at this time, mainly because very busy people want to purchase a dog, but cannot care for it all day. Therefore the kindergarten prevents the situation where a puppy or an adult dog are left alone at home and soil or damage the apartment due to boredom or lack of activity
However, the kindergarten also plays another important role in the dog’s life – it provides socialization with other dogs, which in the future may favorably influence their behavior.
Walking is done by our experienced temporary workers, who are cynology students and will take care of your dog with the utmost professionalism and according to your instructions.

We look after about all breeds and all sizes of dogs without any difference. We take care of young puppies and old dogs also. The dog has to be healthy, vaccinated and wormed with valid passport. We could not take females dogs in heat period or aggressive dogs. In case that your dog behave inappropriate, seems to be ill or female starts to be in heat period, we will try to solve the situation and inform you as soon as possible. The owner of the dog takes the responsibility.

Please, book the place for your dog in advance; otherwise there would not be space for your dog especially during holidays.